Friday, March 17, 2017

Pregnancy Photos

I sit here starring at my computer screen wondering what to share with you about my new venture into pregnancy photos. So, I decided to share my story with you instead of boring you with the whole "I am offering maternity photos now!' I have been married for 15 years in May. After a couple of years went by, my husband & I decided to try & start a family. Several months of trying eventually turned into several years until it became a question of why instead of when. My husband has several brothers who all married & had at least two kids, some even more. As I watched my sister-in-laws have child after child, I found resentment growing in my heart towards them. We ended up leaving a Sunday School class at our previous church because every time we turned around, someone would pop up and yell "we're pregnant!' The resentment & jealousy grew deeper until I could not even stand to be in the same room with my sister-in-laws & I felt like I was going to scream if one more person announced they were having a baby. I guess by now you are probably asking yourself "why didn't they just adopt?' Well, to answer that the best I can, we just never could get on the same page with adoption. He wanted to adopt internationally & I wanted to adopt locally. As time went on, I got older & God convicted me of my jealousy & resentment. The desire I had so strongly for a child was now gone. I fell in love with rescuing & fostering dogs & I believe that is my calling on this earth. We may never know why we were chosen to bear the "barren burden" but I do know that all things work together for the good of those who love him & sometimes as difficult as it might be, we have to learn to trust God & know he has our backs. Please know that if you are struggling with infertility you are NOT alone. There are one in three couples that are unable to have children. I believe in life & I believe it begins at conception. There are wonderful organizations that you can contact for information on fostering and adopting. Life Choices is my first choice, but there are others that are just as good. I hope by sharing my story, I will help someone who is going through this same difficult journey.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Senior Class Of 2016

When I decided in 2008 that I had a passion for photography & wanted to dive in head first, I had two friends that was there cheering me on & turned into my biggest supporters. I started out as a pet photographer & my friends allowed me to photograph their fur kids as my first subjects. As time went on, my work got better & I went from photographing pets, to photographing people. Once again, my sweet friends called on me to photograph their two boys. The years flew by & I became their family photographer. In time span of about nine or ten years that I have known this family, we have traveled from state to state to see the band Third Day in concert, (FRONT ROW OR BUST) five midnight premiers  of the Twilight saga, the loss of a fur kid, the adoption of a new fur kid, aging parents, the loss of a parent, the first day of the last year of high school & the first day of college. I have been blessed to be able to be apart of so many special events with this family & to be able to preserve these special times in photographs. It's hard to believe this young man is already a senior & his brother is in college. here is just a few of my favorites from his senior session. There were so many, it was really difficult to choose just a few.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Celebration of Family & The Birthday Of America.

Within the last several months, my husband has been getting acquainted with three family members he has never met & one that he as not seen in over 30 years. So, we celebrated America's birthday with our family! There was food, Jerry's Snow Cones, The Bass Pro Shop Pyramid, fireworks & love. Of course I had my camera with me during this family time & captured some precious people & times. Family is everything. Here are a few of my favorites. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I would love the opportunity to capture a special event for you & your family.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Sibling Fun.

There is nothing like chasing a four & five year old around a park with a camera, to leave you completely EXHAUSTED! These two cute siblings definitely gave me a workout trying to capture their sweet faces & their fun personalties. There is a special connection between these two & it shows in everything they do. 

"There be no relationship that is closer, finer, harder, sweeter, happier, sadder, more filled with joy or fraught with woe, than the relationship we have with our brothers and sisters." -Jeffrey Kluger

Monday, April 21, 2014

Bon Repos Children's Home, Haiti Spring Mini Sessions:

Spring is Finally here! I LOVE this time of year! I want to take a few minutes to tell you about the reason behind the mini sessions. Every year a group from my church (including my husband) makes a trip over to Haiti for mission work. Last year, they visited an orphanage called Bon Repos. They fell in love with the kids, but realized very quickly the conditions that the children were living in were horrible. From that moment on, they decided to make it their goal to raise money to build a better orphanage. So, to help honor their commitment, I decided to offer a fundraiser of my own with spring mini sessions. The sessions will be held on May 3, 2014 with the proceeds from the session going to help fund the new orphanage. I am adding a link to a youtube video about the orphanage. Please take a few mins to watch this video. To sign up for the mini sessions, please email me at or call 901-605-6115

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Fall 2013

This was the second time I had the pleasure of photographing these two fun kids. This time, I was able to get the whole family. This is the sweetest family & I am honored to know them! I absolutely love the relationship between this brother & sister. I love the way they look out for each other & how they make each other laugh. Here are just a few of my favorites from their fall family session.